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Transportation Management System

Transportation analysis with centralized data entry and reporting over a controlled environment.


The National Bus Organization is the primary entity responsible for organizing and providing local transportation around the island of Cuba. With thousands of passengers daily in 14 provinces, the organization collects and analyzes tons of data on a daily basis. From income and expenditure to verification of GPS data from the buses operated by the drivers employed with the entity.


  • Collection and processing of data as previously completed through the use of spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel which on many occasions would contain invalid data due to human error in handling the formulas used to perform calculations or corrupted files during the transportation of data from one department to another.

  • Each department would collect their data on separate spreadsheets and with certain processes requiring the use of a single spreadsheet among various departments, the data entry process would become time consuming with other departments needing to wait while another is completing their data entry.

  • Once all departments have completed their entries, each document would find it's way to the a specialist who will perform an integral analysis of all data collected from each department.


Initially it was suggested to create a desktop application which would connect to a central database for accessing and storing the data. The difficulty with this would be having to manually install and configure the application on each individual system which would be time consuming especially in the case of future updates and modifications to the system.


  • Determine the exact requirements of the system as no individual employee was aware of the exact data collection process throughout the organization. Each department was to be analyzed sepsrately which was completed over several days of meetings and discussions.

  • Formulating a data structure and method of entry for the collection, validation & analysis of GPS data collected from the buses.


After a comprehensive analysis of the operations of the organization and the requirements of the system, the most suitable solution was decided to be a Web Application which would reside on a centralized server within the organization.


  • Analysis and storage of GPS data collected from the buses through a file upload process originating from the software controller of the GPS units.

  • Controlled access to the application through user credentials and role assignments.

  • Simultaneous collection of data from the relative departments.

  • Automated analysis of data collected on a daily basis.

  • Ability to generate and provide graphical reports with options to export store said reports to PDF files on the local system.

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