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My Personal Portfolio

Showcase of my personal and professional work as a software developer.


Personal portfolio where I can share my work, personal and professional as well as share ideas and experiences.


  • Presenting myself and showcasing my work to potential clients especially when working remotely has proven rather challenging, and having to send files upon request especially via e-mail can be time consuming.

  • Finding a suitable platform to display my work in a way that provided the necessary features and allowed me to express my skills and abilities as I would like to was also challenging as they were usually lacking in one feature or the other.


My first thought was to create a PDF document consisting of all the necessary information which is rather simple, but detailing even the relevant aspects of each project would result in a lengthy document with limited creativity due to it's text based nature.


  • Being primarily a coder with limited skills in design and user experience, it was time consuming to conceptualize a design for the user interface of my portfolio. At the same time I needed to ensure that the design would be responsive so as maintain the user experience across devices with varying screen sizes.

  • Selecting a framework which offered the expected functionality.


Develop a custom website where I can showcase my work and freely express myself, which in itself would also serve to showcase my abilities in the development of web applications. This would also provide options for future improvements and scalability as I would have the option to make modifications whenever necessary.


  • Portfolio for listing recent personal and professional work.

  • Updates for instant information about ideas, current projects and discoveries.

  • Articles for in-dept tutorials and experiences.

  • Personal goals and accomplishments made available.

  • Admin dashboard for managing content on the site.

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Web Development

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